Health coach helps bring balance for increased wellness

When you feel tired and worn out, it’s hard to get anything accomplished. Day-to-day life can feel like a drag. But, when you feel energetic, the world opens up in new and wonderful ways. Possibilities that seemed beyond your reach in the past somehow seem obtainable now.

“A health coach helps to balance to alleviate dis-ease,” she said. “Now, I don’t diagnose, but the healing I do compliments allopathic medicine. It allows me to work with someone who might be suffering from something like pain.”

For example, Moore has a client that suffers from a shoulder injury and is being seen by a doctor for treatment. “The thing I can do is alleviate her pain when I see her, so that she can heal faster when she goes to the regular doctor,” she said.

Moore became interested in the connection between food and health in the late 1990s. She noticed the effects that everyday choices were having on her health, and when she began working with children with developmental disabilities, she noticed that certain foods, such as highly processed ones, caused the children to act differently.

She went on to become a certified health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and earn an Obesity Prevention certification from Villanova University’s MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education. Moore is also working on her Ed.D. in mindfulness teacher education.

The reason she chose the health and wellness coaching path is because she is driven to help people take control of their lives and make big impacts.

“I lead people to help them transform themselves,” said Moore. “I give them the tools to transform their lives through health and wellness.”

Faryl Moore, health and wellness coach and owner of Moore Wellness. Photo courtesy of Moore Wellness.

Why are health coaches needed?

Health coaches are needed right now because there is a shift that is happening, she said.

Modern medicine is very reliant on chemical substances to fix problems, and the amount of side effects that come with those chemical components really can cause a whole host of other issues, said Moore.

Health coaches find the more natural component in an effort to limit the amount of pharmaceuticals that are needed, she said.

In addition, the majority of problems that people have are based on inflammation, but most of the time, inflammation can be fixed with diet, Moore added.

Who needs a health coach?

Anyone can benefit from having a health coach, but people have them for different reasons, she said.

 “A lot of my clients use me for the coaching piece, the accountability piece. Some people need that for food, and their choices around food,” said Moore. “Some people need that for their choices around everyday life to motivate them through their day.”

“To be honest, there is nothing that I do that people can’t do for themselves — except that people don’t do it if they have to do it on their own,” she said. “I went to school for integrated nutrition, I read all the books, and I still use a health coach because everybody needs someone to bounce their concerns off of, to ask their questions to, and that is going to hold them accountable, if needed, and to just be there.”

Moore said health coach relationships are subjective, and it’s their job is to call you out when you get off track, and to give you the tools to get through it.

“My heath coach helps me with the same problems everybody else has,” she said. “Being a health coach does not mean that I don’t struggle with the same things that my clients do. Any health coach that says they have it all in check and they understand it all is pulling your leg because we are all human.”

Why do you want a health coach?

Before you head out to find a health coach, you need to know what you want a health coach for. Then, you need to find the right fit, said Moore.

“Anyone can have a health coach — there are a million of us out there — but, you want to find someone you connect with — someone who you feel isn’t judging you, but will also not just tell you what you want to hear,” she said.

It’s like a high school football team, said Moore. The players on the team have a love/hate relationship with their coach. They love their coach because their coach teaches them, guides them. But, the coach is also hard on them. You have to find that person that is willing to balance that nuance for you, she said.

A health coach can be located anywhere in the world, but depending on age and who the person is, some people may prefer to have a health coach that is local, said Moore. The technology that is available today allows for face-to-face interaction no matter where the coach and client are located. Moore also utilizes recorded sessions and technology that allows clients to go back and listen to their coaching conversations/videos.

What do health coaching services cost?

The cost to hire a private health coach ranges from about $350-$500/month, she said. The cost varies by coach because most times a coach will personalize a program for a client. Most coaches require a three month minimum commitment because it usually takes three months for habits to be invented.

Another option is group health coaching. Group coaching is a really great alternative to private health coaching, and is often more affordable, said Moore.

To contact Moore, or for additional information on health coaching, visit



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